Can’t figure out what to do with the unworn and broken gold jewelry that just sits in that top drawer? Suffolk Jewelers and Pawnbrokers also purchases these items as well as laptops, iPads, TV’s, power tools, musical instruments, and sporting equipment.

Be sure to do your research before you come visit us. Try to determine a price that you think you can get for your item. Be aware that resale prices are significantly less than retail prices for certain kinds of items.

While sites like eBay and Amazon will serve as a guidepost for what most people are ASKING for a certain item, you should check to see what those items are actually SELLING for.

Big ticket items like jewelry and high-end watches are often sought after, while other items that might have had a high retail price tag, like laptops or fur coats, may not have a significant resale value.

Also, be sure to factor in the current condition of your item. Damages, scratches or missing parts can decrease the value of your item significantly.

Once you’ve determined an asking price, bring your item to us. We have experts on staff that can quickly determine the value of your item and work along side you to get you the cash you need.