Suffolk Pawn: Boston’s Best Loan Source for People with Bad Credit

The good people of Boston know that at times bad credit can happen to decent people. In a lagging economy, the loss of a job can jam up cash flow in a real hurry. A catastrophic medical event, a failed business venture, or being on the losing side of a divorce can cast you into the pit of bankruptcy before you know it. Or, maybe you’re a young person just beginning to establish yourself; the potential reasons for poor credit are too many to count.

Pawn Shops Great Place for Microcredit

Most people at one time or another experience an unexpected financial squeeze. It can be suffocating to feel like you have nowhere to turn. Banks rely almost entirely on credit scores to approve loans and to determine interest rates. Because of an unfair negative reputation for predatory lending, pawnshops remain a largely untapped resource for people to secure small, short-term loans. By filling financial needs left unmet by traditional lending institutions, pawnshops have proven to be an invaluable asset to most communities.

Boston’s own Suffolk Pawn has been getting good people with poor credit out of financial corners for years. Getting a loan is quick and easy, and the shop will never use employment or credit history as a determining factor to grant a loan. The loan amount is based on the value of the collateral, and can range from $26 to a few thousand dollars. Following the transaction, the item is safely stored in a secure vault until retrieved by you, the customer. And the best part—defaulting on a pawn loan will never, ever affect your credit score!

Today’s pawnshops are highly regulated industries and are safe places to shop and get a loan. As an anchor on Boston’s Washington Street, Suffolk Pawn prides itself on offering top-notch customer service, and has built a reputation on the word of return customers. The store finds it genuinely rewarding to have served generations of families by getting them through tough times.

If times are tight and your credit is less than stellar, visit your friendly neighbors at Suffolk Pawn. Help is right around the corner!