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Suffolk Pawn: Boston’s Best Loan Source for People with Bad Credit

The good people of Boston know that at times bad credit can happen to decent people. In a lagging economy, the loss of a job can jam up cash flow in a real hurry. A catastrophic medical event, a failed business venture, or being on the losing side of a divorce can cast you into […]

Pawn Loans Equal Fast Cash for Students in Boston

Managing a budget is one among many firsts young adults experience when leaving the security of home. If and when unexpected emergencies arise, many college students are likely to feel like they’ve been thrown into the deep end of the financial pool. They must become first class problem solvers and find a way to make […]

Here’s the Rundown on How To Get a Pawn Loan From Us

If you are in need of a pawn loan to pay late bills, cover an unexpected expense, or just to make it to the next paycheck, come visit Suffolk Jewelers and Pawnbrokers. We have a long history providing loans to customers in the Boston area. Our loans are easy to get, come with fair terms, […]

What is a Collateral Loan?

A collateral loan is a loan secured against something you own, and it never affects your credit. Collateral loans are becoming more popular in an era of slow economic rebound and little available credit. One of the reasons collateral loans are popular is there is less risk in obtaining a collateral loan than other types […]